Healing Feelings From Your Heart and Forgiveness

Healing Feelings From The Heart

Healing Feelings From Your Heart

As a young American girl, Amy Biehl went to South Africa to work and to help improve the ghettos of Cape Town. She was in South Africa during the last violent weeks of apartheid, when blacks took to the streets in violent protests. Because Amy was white, the color of the oppressors, she was stabbed and beaten to death by four young men caught up in the rioting. After 3 years of imprisonment, Amy’s murderers petitioned for amnesty. When Amy’s parents heard this, they made a remarkable decision. Still grieving for their daughter, they traveled to South Africa to visit the neighborhood where the killers had lived, to meet their families, and to testify in support of amnesty for the young men. Amy’s parent’s capacity to forgive those who had caused them so much pain was eye-opening to all involved. Through forgiving and opening their hearts, Amy’s parents experienced healing and were able to liberate themselves from the chains of anger and hatred.

In the remarkable book;”

Healing Feelings… From Your Heart written by Karol K. Truman

she discusses how to liberate your “self”. Karol states, “Within every difficult situation, every seeming failure, every discouraging loss or heart-rending setback is locked the great, miraculous power of complete, triumphant, progressive, magnificent achievement”. Look at the experience of Amy Biehl’s parents. They lived through the horrible experience of losing their daughter and yet were able to find a way to heal their body and emotions to become better people. If we choose in our life to constantly focus on the injustice, the hurt, the bad luck, or the “lack” in our lives, we will continue to draw these conditions to us. Instead of focusing on misfortunes and the unfairness of life, look around and count your many blessings. Make the best of a tough situation. Focus on the positive and express heartfelt gratitude continually. Your spirit will heal much more quickly as you focus on the good instead of the bad in your life.

Start today by asking yourself “Am I being complacent and allowing negative thoughts and feelings to co-exist with me each day?” “Am I remembering that I can change my thought process?” “Am I determined to accomplish this mighty change?” Life will not seem quite so heavy when we realize that although things may not seem pleasant at the present moment, there’s always the option for change – these changes can make in your life!

To learn more about Karol K. Truman’s book, please contact Life Science Publishers at 1-800-336-6308 or visit us online at www.lifesciencepublishers.com.






As a child, if I did something that my parents did not want me to do, they would say, “You better have a good reason” for doing what I did.

It is likely that your parents said the same thing.

How do I know?

Because the vast majority of us grew up with the same training – if  we just had a good enough reason, or justify well enough why we did something…we could get out of doing something we didn’t want to do…and/or avoid punishment.

We were taught that there had to be a ‘good reason.’

For those us who received that training, we were actually conditioned to equate ‘reasons’ with ‘punishment’ or the avoidance of ‘punishment’.

Either way, punishment is still associated with ‘reasons.’

And, it is that association that creates an energy drain when w e think about be-ing ‘reasonable.

When my clients first begin their private coaching sessions with me, their conversations are filled with ‘reasons’ and ‘excuses’ why or why not they chose to do or not do something they thought was expected of them – either by me or someone else in their life.

They often have a loooooong list of reasons and excuses to justify their choice.  In the telling of these reasons, I can feel their energy being drained.  It’s as if they are buried under the weight of their reasons and excuses in a desperate attempt to avoid either being punished or feeling as if they have disappointed or let someone else down by their actions.

This is when I share with them the  ’Chi-Lifting Energy Surge’ I am sharing this week –stop be-ing ‘reasonable’ and practice be-ing Personal Accountability -#11!
The practice of Personal Accountability begins with focusing on our B-All–the ultimate goal we have chosen to accomplish during our lifetime.

Once we have chosen a B-All, the next step is to choose to be Personally Accountable for the fulfillment of that B-All.  In other words, we choose to be able to count on our self to respond to others’ requests by choosing the option that will move us closer to the fulfillment of our goal.

I call this ‘keeping our eye on our B-All’.

With our eye always focused on our B-All, we can easily determine if the actions we choose to take are moving us closer or further away from achieving our goal.

For Example…

One aspect of my B-All is to be a licensed Doctor of Natural Medicine.  In other words, I have chosen to count on myself to be a licensed Doctor of Natural Medicine and I continually choose to take actions that move me closer towards that goal.

When others – my husband, family, friends, clients, etc. — make requests of me, I evaluate and determine whether to accept their requests based upon whether or not accepting their requests will move me closer or take me further away from the aCHIevement of my

I also pro-actively engage the people in my life to be my Personal Accountability Partners — to be supportive of me as I fulfill my B-All.

From this perspective, I am able to respond easily with ’yes’ or ‘no’ to their requests.

I no longer have any ‘reason’ to make ‘excuses’ to them.  I respond in the way I do by be-ing Personally Accountable to myself.

I can answer simply — ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

In conclusion:

We give reasons to avoid an unpleasant outcome.

We take Personal Accountability to ensure the most positive outcome — the fulfillment of our B-All!


1.  Read Chapter 11 of ‘Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All‘ or Listen to the ‘Chi-To-Be! Basic Series CDs’ for more Energy Surges and tips related to this Chi-Lift.

2.   Post your your experience of playing with  this Weekly Chi-Lift on the Chi-To-Be! Facebook group or the Chi-To-Be! LinkedIN group as a self-empowering declaration and an inspiration to us all.  The links to these groups are provided on the home page athttp://www.chi-to-be.com

3.  Utilize the Chi-To-Be! AChievement Guide as a guided mentoring tool in identifying what you want and intend to have towards the aCHIevement of your goals and B-All!

A burst of power will be released to you as you implement these ‘intentional activities’.

BE Empowered — BE Powerful –
Take Life By Your B-All!

Copyright 2010 Stacey Hall and Chi-To-Be!, LLC

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Exercise the Success Triad

I would guess that one of the most common themes of all of our New Year’s Resolutions is exercise. We are so motivated at the beginning of a new year. We think to ourselves “this is going to be MY year! I’m going to get in shape and finally feel better about myself!” Now, nearly 5 months have passed since the start of 2011 and how many of us are still exercising? Spring is a great time to get back on the wagon!

The sun is shining and the weather is warming up. It feels good to get outdoors and start working out again. I love the theory Judith Sherman-Wolin shares in her book Smart Girls do Dumbbells. After two decades of working with patients, she has found that the long-term exercisers become so because of three contiguous elements: knowledge, results, and consistency.

She refers to this as the Exercise Success Triad. All three of these elements build upon each other. She explains that when you have the knowledge and understand how to exercise correctly, this creates results and when you see results, this will lead to consistency. Knowledge is important because by doing an exercise the correct way, it will ensure results and prevent injuries.

In chapter 10 of Judith Sherman-Wolin’s book she gives detailed instructions on proper form and technique for exercising. Once you have obtained the knowledge and are exercising correctly, you will see results. It’s like making a cake. If you follow the recipe, your end result will be an amazing cake. If you follow the exercise recipe correctly, you will also see amazing results!

As you begin to see more and more results, you will want to increase your knowledge. With knowledge and results in place, this will give you more motivation to be consistent. When you realize it’s working, you will naturally want to continue doing it! Judith Sherman-Wolin states “It is easier to continue exercising, even if it’s just doing a little something each day, than to stop and start again”. (p.23)

The reality is that exercise is tough. A lot of the time it is boring and so it becomes difficult to stay motivated to do it. Then there are the times when you really enjoy it. You love the way you feel and look when you are finished. In order to be successful, exercise needs to become a lifestyle.

It only works as long as you are willing to do the work! A great way to start and stay dedicated to a new lifestyle of exercise is to read Smart Girls do Dumbbells. You will be taught how to work out smarter, not harder. To order your copy of this book, contact Life Science Publishing at 1-800-336-6308 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-336-6308 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.


Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. Brigadier General Robinson Risner (“Robbie”) discovered the power of hope when he spent seven years as a POW in a North Viet Nam compound. Robbie spent four and a half years of that time in isolation. He endured ten months of total darkness. Those ten months were the longest of his life. When they boarded up his little seven-by- seven foot cell, shutting out the light, he wondered if he was going to make it. One day Robbie got down on the floor and crawled under his bunk. He located a vent that let in outside air. As he pressed against the vent, he saw a faint glimmer of light reflected on the inside wall of the opening. Robbie put his eye next to the cement wall and discovered a minute crack in the construction.

Although the crack allowed him only a glimpse of the outside, he was able to see one blade of grass. A single blade of grass and a faint ray of light. But when he stared at the sight, he felt a surge of joy, excitement and gratitude like he hadn’t known in years. “It represented life, growth, and freedom,” he later said, “and I knew God had not forgotten me.” It was that tiny glimmer of hope that sustained Robbie through an unbearable ordeal. Take a moment to reflect on your life. What is it that you hope for? What is your heart’s greatest desire?

To move forward in life, hope is essential. Hope is the means of keeping your goals and dreams alive. The essential oil blend “Hope” helps you to reconnect with a feeling of strength and grounding, restoring hope for tomorrow. The blend of ingredients found in “Hope” will calm and balance your emotions, release emotional blocks, elevate spiritual awareness, and create a feeling of love and peace to keep hope truly alive in your life.

If your life is full of despair and it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, now is the time to find a way to rekindle hope. Jean Kerr said, “Hope is the feeling you have, that the feeling you have, isn’t permanent.” Hope is what we have when we know that we WILL eventually survive the night and bask in sunshine once again. To learn more about essential oils, call Life SciencePublishing at 800-336-6308 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 800-336-6308 end_of_the_skype_highlighting and ask about Essential Oils Desk Reference. You can also visit us onlineat www.lifesciencepublishers.com. Remember, as Dinah Shore once said, “There are no hopeless situations — only people who are hopeless about them.”

Essential Oils Desk Reference

So we’re super excited (and hope you are too) about our latest edition (number five)
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15 New Discoveries that will Stop Heart Disease

Fact:  150 years ago, heart disease was virtually unheard of.  Today, it is the #1 cause of death in America.  It kills nearly 30% of us.  In fact, it kills more women than all forms of cancer, chronic lung disease, pneumonia, AIDS, diabetes and accidents combined.

A common misconception concerning heart disease is that it is usually caused by high cholesterol  – absolutely not the case.  In fact, of the more than 1.1 million Americans who suffered heart attacks last year had normal and low cholesterol levels.  So what is causing it and, more importantly, how do you protect yourself?

The real cause of heart disease is Oxidized Cholesterol.  A 2005 study by the University of Sand Diego found that high cholesterol only moderately increased the risk of coronary artery disease but that patients with both high cholesterol and high oxidized cholesterol levels had sixteen times higher risk.  Oxidized cholesterol is caused by free radicals (i.e. superoxide) in the blood.

Unfortunately, the leading medications for heart disease only treat high cholesterol and do very little to prevent oxidized cholesterol.   They are effective for lowering your cholesterol level but do nothing to actually stop death from heart attacks, strokes, or any other diseases.

The good news is that some antioxidant whole foods are powerful medicines to prevent and treat heart disease.  These whole foods are more powerful than isolated vitamins.  Even better news – you have easy access to one of the most powerful antioxidant known to man – the NingXia wolfberry.   This berry is one of the highest known sources of the heart protecting nutrients, potassium and magnesium.    Magnesium deficiency has been shown to more than double the risk of heart disease.

The NingXia wolfberry is the main ingredient of  Young Living’s NingXia Red.  Dietary consumption of 50 grams of NingXia wolfberries daily for 10 days resulted in:  65% drop in oxidized cholesterol, 48% jump in blood levels of superoxide dismutase, the enzyme that reduces oxidation and blocks superoxide free radicals.  You can make a positive impact on your health in less than 2 weeks!  Other fruit than can help protect against heart disease are blueberries and pomegranates.  The potency of these fruits is higher when delivered in liquid form, something your body can more readily use.

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10 Essential Oils: Natural Solutions for Stress Relief without Prescription Drugs

Picture this – It’s 4:45pm on Friday and your client needs the proposal before end of day.  To top it off, you need to take your child to soccer practice across town before 5:30pm. You try to print and realize that the printer has just run out of ink.  As you come back to your desk after replacing the cartridge, your computer crashes, taking your ten page proposal with it.   Deadlines, appointments, kids’ parties, sports’ practices and games…. whether its home life or business, your day is full of obligations and responsibilities that can all add up to STRESS!

Threats – real or perceived – are all around  us and constantly invade our lives.  Whether it be concern of family members, marriage conflicts, money problems, job insecurity or natural disasters, very few escape the curse of stress.  Just ten minutes of watching the news on TV can make one’s stress level soar!

You are probably aware that stress can cause headaches, tension, and move you to emotional and mental instability.  But did you know that prolonged stress can cause illness?  If you suffer from chronic stress, the most common symptoms include headache, neck ache, backache, insomnia, weight gain, skin breakouts, stiff muscles, nausea, dizziness, frequent colds, chest and heart pains, and more.

Now for some good news – you can defend yourself!  You have a safer solution to the stress problems that daily life can create.  There are several areas where Essential Oils can assist in stress reduction.  First – calming essential oils.  Roman Chamomile tea has long been recognized as an aid to restful sleep can have a very calming influence.  Just a drop or two on the temples and the back of your neck, prior to sleeping or before you face a stressful situation can be effective for adults and children.  Cedarwood is a key stress-relieving oil because it stimulates the limbic region of the brain, specifically the pineal gland which releases melatonin, which can help establish healthy sleep cycles.  Lavender,  Valerian, and Neroil are also calming oils.

Essential Oils are also used as stimulants which can help alleviate depression and releasing negative emotional programming.  Jasmine, Sandalwood, Orange, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang are all used to lower anxiety, raise spirits, and fight off negative emotions.

Avoid the feelings of being overwhelmed by lowering the stress in your life.  Be proactive in surrounding yourself with the scents that can positively affect your health and emotional well being.  For more information on how Essential Oils can act as stress-relieving agents, contact YL Wisdom at 800.336.6308 to get your brochure or visit www.ylwisdom.com.

Three Feet From Gold

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. – Napoleon Hill

No truer words have ever been spoken. There is a circle to success.. a universal law. Those who help
others succeed find their own greatest success. This truth is the heart and mission of Three Feet from
Gold Mastermind Mentoring. More than thirty of today’s most successful entrepreneurs shared their

profound triumphs – their secrets for achieving greatness despite overwhelming odds. Their stories echo
the profound discoveries Napoleon Hill made nearly a century ago. They, too, tapped into the Science of
Success and, as a group, reaped almost incalculable wealth.

For the first time EVER, the most DYNAMIC, inspirational, and diverse group of MODERN-
DAY MASTERS have joined together to SHOW YOU how to live the life of YOUR DREAMS!

The real draw of this program is that we follow your true agenda. We help you do what you truly want to
do – helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. When you join this exclusive program,
you will:

  • Learn to gather the ultimate mastermind – the right people doing the right things to help you achieve success
  • Experience the wellspring that comes from going the extra mile
  • Draw success and attract the best talent in the world by cultivating your most pleasing personality
  • Unlock your personal initiative to do more than you ever thought possible
  • Make each and every day the most productive day possible by adopting a positive mental attitude
  • Take control of every aspect of your life through powerful self-discipline
  • Draw on the people around you to create win-win opportunities through the art of teamwork practice budgeting time and money to achieve what less than 2% of the population ever dream of doing.
  • And so much more!

So what are you waiting for? Discover the ways you are only THREE FEET FROM GOLD, unearth it, and
enjoy the wealth of success you truly deserve! Call today and schedule your FREE 1 Hour Session with a
mastermind mentor.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – don’t wait another moment to claim what is yours!

To Your Success!

Troie Battles
Managing Partner
YL Wisdom

The Scent that Sells

Did you ever see yourself working as your own boss, talking to people you know about products you love,
all while making the money you want? Did you ever think that essential oils could sell themselves? Did
you ever think you could increase your downline value by allowing the natural scents of Essential Oils
do the work for you? NOW is the time to place yourself into that ideal picture you have in your mind.

There is no doubt that the power of smell is undeniable. Your sense of smell can evoke more emotion,
trigger more memory, and create a stronger connection than any of your senses. That connection is
the leverage that will dramatically improve your efficiency, increase your profitability, and provide a
drastically higher level of customer service and satisfaction to your database.

Whether you are just starting your Essential Oil business or have been experiencing the rewards of your
home based business for quite some time, The Scent that Sells can assist you in better understanding
the power of Essential Oils. They are naturally tailored to contribute to relaxation, motivation, healing,
and more and you have the opportunity to tap into those natural benefits and make them work for you.

For a limited time, you will receive 25% off the cover price of the Scent that Sells. This combination
of book and DVD are uniquely designed to be wherever you are – keep the DVD in the car and listen to
it whenever you’re driving, no matter where you’re headed. You will be amazed at how easily you can
capture a great audience with more potent results when you unleash the power of the Scent that Sells!

To Your Success!

Troie Battles
Managing Partner
YL Wisdom

The Chicken or The Egg

In talking to a prospective client the other day, and explaining the emphasis we place on balance and
personal success in our programs, he interjected and made an interesting comment. He said to me, “I
know I have some things I need to improve on personally, but for now I really want to focus only on
improving my business.” What a revelation! In one sentence he revealed a powerful paradigm that
more than anything else was holding him back from being as successful as he could be. There is one
key principle that he was not recognizing and applying: Personal Success Precedes Business Success!

Here’s what it all boils down to. The fastest car in the world doesn’t win the race without a highly skilled
driver; the finest paint and brushes have no meaningful impact on the canvas without the hand of a
talented artist; and successful, effective businesses are run by successful, effective human beings. It is a
PRE-requisite. Being an effective, successful person does not come after building a successful business
or career. IT COMES FIRST! If business success is the chicken, and personal success is the egg, then the
answer to the age-old question is most definitely and emphatically “The Egg!” and if you will take the
time to nurture the egg (your personal effectiveness) you will find it results in a more robust and healthy
chicken (a successful business/career).

Think of it this way, if I try my hand at creating a successful business and fail, I can reason that it was due
to any number of circumstances outside my control. However, if I work on being an effective person and
fail… well, you can see how this pill might prove a little harder to swallow if we let such fears get the best
of us. As a result, most focus their efforts in either the wrong place, or in the right place but prematurely
(in other words, without working on personal effectiveness first).

My Challenge to You:
1. Focus your efforts on becoming an effective person first, making and keeping commitments to yourself,
with a high degree of personal integrity and follow through.
2. Be an excellent manager of your time. It’s not about scheduling every minute, but rather doing the
right things at the right time.
3. Take 100% responsibility for your life, regardless of what happens to you. Only those who are 100%
responsible, and response-able, are truly effective and successful.

To Your Success!

Troie Battles
Managing Partner
YL Wisdom