Essential Oil Desk Reference

Are you ready to start growing your Essential Oils business? You have received the starter kit, you have

talked to your friends and family about the opportunity… now what? There is more to an Essential Oil
than you realize. You must do more than learn the oil names and find people to whom you want to sell the
oils. The Essential Oil Desk Reference provides basic guidelines that will help you use and demonstrate
the oils safely. It will also walk you through detailed descriptions and usage guides for each oil to ensure
that you exhaust the benefits and provide the best service to your clients.

Start with some basics. First, always have a small vial of vegetable oil on hand, whether you are using the
oils personally or demonstrating them to a group. The vegetable oil can be used to dilute any essential
oil if, when used, it begins to cause skin irritation or discomfort. When presenting to a group, always
clearly explain the possibility of skin irritation with the person. Let them know it’s okay if the oil does
not respond well with their skin and that you are ready to take care of any issue that arises. It’s better
to let them know the ground rules than to have someone respond negatively when they’re surprised.

In an effort to maintain the potency of your Essential Oils for longer time period, always store them in
tightly sealed containers and keep them away from direct light. This will help you two fold – first, you
will have a greater desired effect from your oils and you will be able to better predict the results of any
application. Second, this will extend the shelf life of your oils which means you are going to get a better
return on your investment. When you are preparing for a home presentation, double check all of your
sample vials to ensure they are tightly sealed and ready for travel.

Remember that these oils can be treated as any other medicine or skin care product. Keep them away
from small children and animals and do not ingest them. These oils are very fragrant and while adults
know that they are for external use only, it’s harder to explain that to a small child or animal that only
understands that the oil smells good.

My challenge to you – go through your essential oil supply. Make sure that all of your bottles are in good
shape – no cracks or leaks in the bottles. If you are looking to expand your sales opportunity, browse
through the Essential Desk Reference and explore the possibilities. Find a particular ailment that you are
looking to alleviate, or a specific mood that you are trying to create, and find the oils that are best suited
for that. In an effort to assist you with your business, we are now offering the Essential Desk Reference
for 20% off the regular price. Call today and add depth to your understanding and increase your business

To Your Success!

Troie Battles
Managing Partner
YL Wisdom

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